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    Registration Support Service and Programs

    About Registration Support Service and Program

    The Forest Carbon Center provides all-around support from creating project models, developing project plans, consulting to registration with the aim of boosting participation.

    Project Model Development Conference
    • 21st Forest Carbon Offset Business Model Development ConferenceThe 21st Forest Carbon Offset Project
      Model Development Conference
    • The Forest Carbon Center hosts a project model development conference where the center proposes appropriate models to participants and provides them with guidance on how to develop a project plan.

    Outreach Service: Information Session and Promotion Desk
    • 3rd Outreach Service Briefing SessionThe 3rd Outreach Service:
      Information Session
    • The Forest Carbon Center holds ‘Outreach Service: Information Sessions’ on Carbon Offset Scheme tailored to potential participants and takes a hands-on approach to help participants understand and take part in the scheme.
      In addition, through Forest Carbon Offset Promotion Desks, the Center reaches out to the public raising awareness of the Forest Carbon Offset Scheme.

    Provision of Support in Project Plan Development
    • Site Inspection for writing a Business PlanSite Inspection prior to developing
      a project plan
    • With the aim of assisting implementing entities with project plan development, the Forest Carbon Center provides financial supports to develop the plan for a registered project through a consulting agency. The maximum amount of support varies depending on project types and is announced annually on the Forest Carbon Registry.

    Contact Information for the Forest Carbon Center
    If you are interested in participating, please contact the following individual.
    • Tae Kyu Kim, Team Leader (042-603-7333 / ktkim@kgpa.or.kr)
    • Minji Kim, Deputy (042-603-7328 / kmj8685@kgpa.or.kr)
    • Eunseok Jang, Supervisor (042-603-7343 / hope1028@kgpa.or.kr)
    Link to the Forest Carbon Registry
    If you are interested in participating in the Forest Carbon Offset Scheme, you can easily register at the forest Carbon Registry by following the direct link.Direct Link
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